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Moody’s investigates effects of smart beta ETF price war

Sep 14th, 2017 | By
IndexIQ adjusts fees on a range of ETFs

The ongoing price war in smart beta ETF fees has the potential to negatively impact the credit ratings of traditional active asset managers as well as smart beta ETF providers, according to credit rating agency Moody’s.

WisdomTree: Gold may climb to $1,400/oz in near term

Sep 7th, 2017 | By
Precious metals ETFs lose their lustre

Gold ETPs could be set to benefit from a spike in the gold price, according to new market commentary from WisdomTree. Nazim Hamid, ETF strategist at WisdomTree thinks the spot gold price could climb as high as $1,400 in the near term, due to political uncertainty and increased interest from hedge funds.

WisdomTree predicts multi-year bull market in Indian equities

Sep 6th, 2017 | By
Equities India ETFs

By WisdomTree’s economic research team.

We recently spoke with Ridham Desai, who heads Morgan Stanley’s India Equity Research. Desai recently made headlines when he said “India’s market can triple in next five years.” We agree with Desai on his bullish outlook for India, and in our opinion India’s earning expansion and equity inflows will be propelled by two fundamental shifts in the economy.

WisdomTree: Why you can’t afford to miss European small caps

Sep 4th, 2017 | By
WisdomTree: Why you can't afford to miss European small caps

By WisdomTree’s economic research team.

After getting past a variety of elections—most notably the French presidential election—without anti-market sentiment spreading throughout Europe, we have seen a relatively large shift in equity market performance. Fundamentals within Europe were allowed to drive performance as opposed to equity markets needing to be wary of Brexit or Trump-like election surprises.

WisdomTree: How to use ETPs to manage equity risk

Aug 31st, 2017 | By
Nizam Hamid , ETF strategist at WisdomTree in Europe.

By Nizam Hamid, ETF strategist, WisdomTree in Europe.

The European macro-economic backdrop for equities has remained positive with a renewed focus on stronger underlying growth, and limited political risk compared to the first part of 2017. However, as recent market events have shown there is every reason for investors to consider efficient tools to help manage overall portfolio risk.

WisdomTree says Japan’s economy has entered sweet spot

Aug 24th, 2017 | By
Jesper Koll, WisdomTree's head of Japan.

By Jesper Koll, WisdomTree’s head of Japan.

The April-June GDP report suggests that the Japanese economy has entered into a sweet spot, with growth accelerating and broadening into all components of domestic demand. While the 4% annualised GDP growth rate marks peak slingshot acceleration, the details of the report fully verify our thesis that Japan has entered a self-sustaining domestic demand-led up-cycle.

Indxx launches smart beta Japan dividend index

Aug 22nd, 2017 | By
Nikko: Japan’s inflation and monetary policy outlook

Indxx, an index provider headquartered in New York, has launched the Indxx Dominant Dividend Japan Index. The smart beta index gives exposure to 50 high dividend paying stocks domiciled in Japan. Indxx has indicated the index is suitable for use as the underlying for ETF creation.

WisdomTree: India one of the most exciting opportunities in emerging markets

Aug 21st, 2017 | By
Nizam Hamid , ETF strategist at WisdomTree in Europe.

By Nizam Hamid , ETF strategist at WisdomTree in Europe.

The Indian equity market, we believe, represents one of the most exciting opportunities in emerging markets with a dynamic, fast growing economy underpinned by structural reforms. Improving the business climate is a priority of government policy, with a focus on ease of doing business, bridging the skills gap through training, a domestic investment initiative and reducing bureaucracy.

Industry veterans launch European white-label ETF platform

Aug 16th, 2017 | By
Boost ETP co-founders announce launch of new white-label ETF platform

European ETF industry veterans Hector McNeil and Nik Bienkowksi have announced the launch of HANetf, Europe’s first independent “white label” UCITS ETF platform. The platform, which is not linked to any existing issuer, will provide third-party asset managers from around the world with the infrastructure to build and launch ETFs into Europe without having to establish their own full-service business. The pair aim to disrupt the market by lowering the barriers to entry for prospective new ETF issuers.

WisdomTree cross-lists three UCITS ETFs into Mexico

Aug 14th, 2017 | By
WisdomTree cross-lists three UCITS ETFs into Mexico

WisdomTree has cross-listed three UCITS-compliant ETFs into Mexico. The new listings, which include two broad equity funds and one broad commodity fund, bring the total number of WisdomTree ETFs listed on Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV) to 42, made up of 32 US-listed ETFs and ten UCITS ETFs.