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WisdomTree: Why you can’t afford to miss European small caps

Sep 4th, 2017 | By
WisdomTree: Why you can't afford to miss European small caps

By WisdomTree’s economic research team.

After getting past a variety of elections—most notably the French presidential election—without anti-market sentiment spreading throughout Europe, we have seen a relatively large shift in equity market performance. Fundamentals within Europe were allowed to drive performance as opposed to equity markets needing to be wary of Brexit or Trump-like election surprises.

Smart beta dividend ETFs avoid Provident Financial collapse

Aug 24th, 2017 | By
Quality UK dividend ETFs avoid Provident Financial collapse

Shares of subprime lender Provident Financial, a favourite of star fund manager Neil Woodford, have dived nearly 70% following a profit warning, the resignation of its CEO and the cancellation of its dividend. While the stock is held in many well-known equity income funds, including strategies from Invesco Perpetual’s Mark Barnett plus actively managed funds from Jupiter, Rathbones, M&G and Aberdeen, it is notably absent from the BMO MSCI UK Income Leaders UCITS ETF (ZILK) and SPDR S&P UK Dividend Aristocrats UCITS ETF (UKDV) – two smart beta ETFs that deploy rules-based screens to achieve dividend sustainability.

7IM: Ten years in the life of ETFs

Aug 23rd, 2017 | By
Peter Sleep, Senior Investment Manager, Seven Investment Management (7IM)

Peter Sleep, senior investment manager, Seven Investment Management (7IM) takes a look at key developments over the decade that he’s spent with 7IM. He reviews falling fees, the arrival of new players, through to some potential challengers for the future.

Brexit: Reading between the lines when UK PLC and the UK economy don’t match

Aug 22nd, 2017 | By
Brexit: Reading between the lines when UK PLC and the UK economy don’t match

By Dr. Jan-Carl Plagge, Head of Research – STOXX

Recent political events such as the US and the French election were found to have had a major impact on stock markets. While the impact of such events may often be short-lived, Brexit will remain on the agenda as the country is negotiating its withdrawal from the European Union over the next two years. In this context, investors face a number of challenges when considering such political events in their portfolio management.

Source launches GBP share class for MSCI Europe ex-UK ETF

Aug 14th, 2017 | By
Invesco PowerShares launches five European equity factor ETFs

European ETF provider Source has introduced a pound sterling-denominated share class for the Source MSCI Europe ex-UK UCITS ETF (LON: MXUK). Chris Mellor, equity product specialist at Source, commented: “Some investors may want to separate their exposures to Europe and the UK, especially with Brexit causing uncertainty around the outlook for the UK. This ETF effectively puts investors in control of the allocation.”

Eleven new ETFs listed on London Stock Exchange in July 2017

Aug 10th, 2017 | By
Twelve new ETFs listed on London Stock Exchange in August 2017

Eleven new ETFs were listed on London Stock Exchange in July 2017, bringing the total number of ETFs or ETPs listed on the exchange to 921 and 457 respectively. ETF providers listing on the London market during July included Lyxor, BMO, ETF Securities and BlackRock.

WisdomTree: How to hedge fixed income portfolios using ETPs

Aug 8th, 2017 | By
Nizam Hamid , ETF strategist at WisdomTree in Europe.

By Nizam Hamid , ETF strategist at WisdomTree in Europe.

Fixed income has been at the heart of European investor portfolios for many years with average allocations in 2016 standing at 51%. Even in an environment of low or negative yielding domestic government bonds, overall allocations have remained high. Now eurozone government bond investors are overwhelmingly focused on the risks relating to the end of quantitative easing and the potential for a rise in interest rates at some point in 2018.

WisdomTree sees sentiment in eurozone risk assets improving

Aug 2nd, 2017 | By
Viktor Nossek , director of research at WisdomTree in Europe.

By Viktor Nossek, director of research at WisdomTree in Europe.

Sentiment in Eurozone risk assets has improved. Macron’s pro-EU and pro-growth reform agenda and EU regulators’ swift intervention to deal with weak lenders and bad loans are a major driving force to sustain it. A softer version of UK’s exit from the EU also means UK risk sentiment should stay upbeat as uncertainty over trade and capital flows is reduced.

WisdomTree sizes up European dividend ETFs following rebalance

Jul 27th, 2017 | By
Nick Leung, research analyst at WisdomTree in Europe.

By Nick Leung, research analyst at WisdomTree in Europe.

WisdomTree’s European equity ETF strategies rebalanced in June. Emerging from the rebalance are stronger fundamentals against discounted valuations, which preserve the attractive yield and growth proposition of broad and small-cap dividends payers in Europe. Together, these diverse styles and strategies may allow investors to fine-tune their European exposure just as France’s pro-growth, pro-EU reform agenda reawakens investor appetite for the region.

IG picks six of the best government bond ETFs

Jul 25th, 2017 | By
IG: Five mainstream criticisms of ETFs, and why you shouldn’t worry

By Oliver Smith, portfolio manager at IG Group.

ETFs are excellent products for getting exposure to a wide number of asset classes, but with a multitude of competing ETFs using different indices, it can be difficult to know where to start. In this piece we take a look at six government bond ETFs.