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Morgan Stanley’s FundLogic and ERI Scientific Beta partner on five equity factor ETFs

Jan 12th, 2018 | By
Morgan Stanley’s Fundlogic launches five equity smart beta ETFs

ERI Scientific Beta, an affiliate of the EDHEC-Risk Institute, and Fundlogic, the ETF platform of investment bank Morgan Stanley, have partnered to launch five smart beta ETFs on the London Stock Exchange. The ETFs provide factor-based equity exposure to the US, Japan, developed Asia-Pacific ex-Japan, developed Europe, and emerging markets.

Morgan Stanley launches ETF-based robo-advisor

Dec 13th, 2017 | By
Morgan Stanley enters robo-advisor arena with ETF-based service

Morgan Stanley has become the latest entrant into the US robo-advisor market following the official launch of Morgan Stanley Access Investing after a successful six-month pilot programme. The automated digital wealth management service consists of ten portfolios, comprising a mix of blended active-passive solutions, as well as purely passive portfolios constructed using ETFs.

Morgan Stanley’s global smart beta ETF sees large inflows

Nov 29th, 2017 | By
UBS launches two MSCI ACWI sustainability ETFs on LSE

The MS Scientific Beta Global Equity Factors UCITS ETF (GEF LN) has recorded significant inflows, gaining approximately $270 million in net new assets in Q3 2017.

SSGA makes changes to SPDR Morgan Stanley Technology ETF

Sep 1st, 2017 | By

State Street Global Advisors (SSGA), the asset manager behind the SPDR range of ETFs, has announced future changes to the name and index of the SPDR Morgan Stanley Technology ETF.

SEC sends mixed message over leveraged ETFs

May 22nd, 2017 | By
SEC sends mixed message over leveraged ETFs

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) appears to be sending out contradictory signals regarding the use of leveraged ETFs following the approval and subsequent review of two new quadruple leveraged ETFs.

ERI Scientific Beta launches new series of multifactor smart beta indices

Feb 28th, 2017 | By
ERI Scientific Beta counters Mercer’s criticism of factor investing

ERI Scientific Beta has announced the launch of a series of new multifactor smart beta indices. Noël Amenc, CEO of ERI Scientific Beta, said the Multi-Beta Diversified High Factor Exposure series uses a top-down approach to maximise explicit risk control and diversification while taking interactions between factors into account. The methodology uses a High-Factor-Exposure filter which eliminates stocks that have exposures to factors other than the desired factor. The indices may serve as the underlying for future investment products such as ETFs.

Morgan Stanley settles charges related to misselling inverse ETFs

Feb 15th, 2017 | By
Morgan Stanley settles charges related to misselling of inverse ETFs

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney has agreed to pay an $8m penalty and admit wrongdoing to settle charges related to its selling of single inverse ETF investments to advisory clients. The US Securities and Exchange Commission’s order found that Morgan Stanley did not adequately implement its policies and procedures to ensure that clients understood the risks involved with purchasing inverse ETFs, including the unsuitability of inverse ETFs as long-term investments.

ERI SciBeta indices surpass $10bn in tracking assets

Jun 3rd, 2016 | By
ERI Scientific Beta counters Mercer’s criticism of factor investing

Assets tracking the indices of smart beta index provider ERI Scientific Beta, a commercial venture of EDHEC Risk Institute, has reached the $10bn milestone. Part of these tracking assets can be attributed to a range of exchange-traded funds from providers such as Morgan Stanley, ETF Securities, Amundi and Global X Funds. Noël Amenc, CEO of ERI Scientific Beta, commented in a statement: “ERI Scientific Beta’s approach to smart beta index provision is based on three guiding principles: more academic rigour, more transparency, and less cost. It is extremely gratifying to see that these principles have proven to be attractive to our clients.”

Multi-factor smart beta ETFs perform well amid volatile conditions

Sep 4th, 2015 | By
MSCI reports fear of extreme events rising higher

For many, the investment holy grail is a strategy that will outperform across all stages of the market cycle. Multi-factor smart beta strategies are one of the more recent attempts to achieve this. The solid recent performance of the Scientific Beta Multi-Beta Multi-Strategy Index, which underlies exchange-traded funds from Amundi and Morgan Stanley, appears to suggest that multi-factor strategies can indeed deliver in some of the most testing environments as well in more benign periods.

Assets linked to EDHEC-Risk Institute’s smart beta indices pass $8bn

Jul 21st, 2015 | By
ERI Scientific Beta rolls out multi-strategy smart beta indices

Assets tracking the smart beta indices of the EDHEC-Risk Institute have risen to over $8bn, with the success of their Multi-Beta Multi-Strategy offering, available in ETF format from Amundi and Morgan Stanley, helping to drive triple-digit growth over the past 12 months. Noël Amenc, CEO of ERI Scientific Beta, commented: “Smart beta is a commoditisation of two essential contributions from modern portfolio and asset pricing theory, namely allocating to factors that are well rewarded over the long term and reducing unrewarded risks through diversification. These two ingredients are the core of the Smart Beta 2.0 offering marketed by Scientific Beta.”