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First Trust launches currency-hedged versions of active FX ETF

Dec 5th, 2017 | By
Derek Fulton, CEO of First Trust Global Portfolios

First Trust Global Portfolios (FTGP) has launched euro- and pounds sterling-hedged share classes of the First Trust FactorFX UCITS ETF (FTFX LN). Derek Fulton, CEO of FTGP, said, “These new hedged share classes allow euro and sterling denominated investors to access the strategy while controlling their exchange rate volatility against the fund’s USD base currency.”

First Trust Eurozone AlphaDEX ETF passes €100m milestone

Nov 17th, 2017 | By
Derek Fulton, CEO at First Trust Global Portfolios

The First Trust Eurozone AlphaDEX UCITS ETF (FEUZ LN) has grown to over €100 million in AUM three years after launch. The ETF, which provides smart beta exposure to eurozone stocks with growth and value characteristics, has also been awarded a coveted five-star Morningstar Rating based on a risk- and cost-adjusted analysis of fund performance compared to similar eurozone large-cap equity funds. Derek Fulton, CEO at First Trust Global Portfolios, commented: “We believe this demonstrates the true flexibility of the ETF structure to deliver alpha for investors.”

First Trust launches US SMID dividend achievers ETF

Nov 3rd, 2017 | By
First Trust launches SMID dividend achievers ETF

First Trust Advisors has launched the First Trust SMID Cap Rising Dividend Achievers ETF (Nasdaq: SDVY), providing exposure to a diversified portfolio of high quality US-listed income-producing equities from the small- and mid-cap segments of the market.

Actively managed ETF AUM up 45% YTD

Oct 20th, 2017 | By
Smart Beta Equity ETF/ETP assets reach new record reports ETFGI

Assets invested in actively managed ETFs listed globally have increased 44.9% in the first nine months of the year to reach a new record of $63.6 billion at the end of September, according to ETF industry consultancy ETFGI.

Four additional First Trust ETFs approved for Mexican pensions

Oct 17th, 2017 | By
Four additional First Trust ETFs approved for sale in Mexican pension plans

An additional four new First Trust ETFs have been approved by the Mexican pension funds investment regulator, La Comisión Nacional del Sistema de Ahorro para el Retiro (CONSAR), for sale to Mexican pension funds. The latest round of approvals brings the total number of First Trust ETFs now available for sale to Mexican pension funds to eleven.

TD Ameritrade unveils largest commission-free ETF program

Oct 17th, 2017 | By
TD Ameritrade unveils largest commission-free ETF program

Nebraska-based brokerage firm TD Ameritrade has announced a major increase in the scope of its commission-free ETF trading platform, tripling the number of ETFs available from 100 to 296. The expansion means TD Ameritrade now offers the largest commission-free ETF trading program in the industry.

First Trust’s US IPO ETF proves a persistent outperformer

Oct 11th, 2017 | By
Josef Schuster - IPOX

Blockbuster performance from a number of new listings in the US market has translated into impressive returns for the First Trust US IPO Index UCITS ETF (FPX LN, FPXU FP), a London- and Paris-listed ETF providing exposure to US IPO and spin-off stocks. Holdings such as Kite Pharma, Chemours and PayPal have helped the ETF outperform the S&P 500 by 4.6% so far this year. But this is no flash-in-the-pan performance. The ETF’s underlying index created by IPO authority Joseph Schuster has delivered an annualised excess return of more than 4% p.a. over the past 10 years versus the S&P 500.

Indxx launches thematic climate change index

Sep 28th, 2017 | By
S&P DJI debuts carbon metrics for equity indices

Indxx has launched a thematic index – the Indxx Climate Change Index – tracking global companies from developed markets that provide products or services to mitigate and remediate the effects of climate change. The New York-based indexing boutique hopes that the index, which has been designed with ETF product development in mind, will enable investors to take a more climate-friendly perspective as well as gain exposure to the megatrend of climate change.

Thematic investing with ETFs: Cybersecurity

Sep 25th, 2017 | By
Thematic investing with ETFs: Cybersecurity

As more and more of our existence becomes digitised, cybersecurity is becoming ever more important. From our work lives, to our cars, to our homes, everything is increasingly controlled by code which, in conjunction with increased connectivity, means that cybersecurity will be of paramount importance to all of us in the years to come. For investors looking to exploit this theme, there are dedicated cybersecurity ETFs offering targeted exposure.

First Trust planning changes to US dividend ETF

Sep 15th, 2017 | By
Amundi to launch S&P 500 buyback ETF

First Trust Portfolios Canada is planning to change the name and underlying index of the First Trust AlphaDEX US Dividend ETF (CAD-Hedged) (TSX: FUD), a fund which gives investors exposure to US large-cap equities that pay higher-than-average dividends.