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Commerzbank licenses ETF-based Elston global min-vol index for certificate creation

Mar 2nd, 2017 | By
Ranye Lu Elston Minimum Volatility ETF

Elston Consulting has licensed the Elston Strategic Beta Global Minimum Volatility Index to Commerzbank for the creation of an investable certificate. The index, composed exclusively with ETFs, provides a globally diversified multi-asset long-term growth strategy while minimizing portfolio volatility through Elston’s proprietary optimization approach. Ranye Lu, Quant Strategist, Elston Consulting, said: “This index has been tested through some volatile times, and we are satisfied that it has delivered in line with its design brief.”

Elston Consulting celebrates first year in smart beta sector

Feb 9th, 2016 | By
Elston Consulting celebrate first anniversary of ETF-based smart beta index launches

London-based investment research and advisory firm Elston Consulting has celebrated the one year anniversary since the launch of its two smart beta indexes, reflecting the success of smaller players in the smart beta space.The Elston Strategic Beta Global Maximum Sharpe Index and the Elston Strategic Beta Global Minimum Volatility Index use a risk-based methodology compared to the more commonly used factor-based approach. The dynamic, multi-asset strategies use long-only ETFs and are denominated in British pounds.

Elston Consulting unveils multi-asset smart beta indices

Feb 3rd, 2015 | By
Elston Consulting unveils multi-asset smart beta indices

Elston Consulting, a London-based investment research and advisory firm, has announced the launch of the Elston Strategic Beta Indices. The indices, which are aimed at institutional investors, offer outcome-oriented asset allocation strategies that are diversified across multiple global asset classes. The investment process provides a quantitative, methodical and objective approach to creating dynamic diversified growth strategies that isolate and capture shifting risk premia across asset classes. The strategies are delivered using ETFs. Maria Zahn, Head of Institutional Clients at Elston Consulting, commented: “While there is growing popularity for low-cost ETFs, we think the real value is from combining them intelligently to deliver on client outcomes.”