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WisdomTree launches world’s first CoCo bond ETF

May 17th, 2018 | By
Rafi Aviav, WisdomTree Head of Product Development in Europe

WisdomTree has launched the WisdomTree AT1 CoCo Bond UCITS ETF (CCBO LN) on London Stock Exchange, providing exposure to contingent convertible (CoCo) bonds issued by financial institutions from developed European countries. Rafi Aviav, WisdomTree head of product development in Europe, said, “This is a major development for investors globally who can now, for the first time, gain diversified exposure in a UCITS structure to the AT1 CoCo market with the ease and efficiency of trading an ETF.”

Vanguard launches total China ETF in Hong Kong

May 10th, 2018 | By
Yan Pu, head of portfolio review, Asia, Vanguard Investments Hong Kong

Vanguard has launched the Vanguard Total China Index ETF on Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The underlying FTSE Total China Connect Index provides exposure to all of China’s equity share classes in the large- and mid-cap space. Yan Pu, head of portfolio review, Asia, Vanguard Investments Hong Kong, commented, “This ETF is the most comprehensive China ETF in Hong Kong, and will give investors a convenient tool to gain broad exposure to the world’s second largest economy.”

Societe Generale launches 74 inverse and leveraged ETPs on LSE

May 3rd, 2018 | By
Lyxor confirms launch of physically-replicated ETFs

Societe Generale has launched a series of 74 inverse and leveraged ETPs on London Stock Exchange. The product suite provides investors with leveraged daily long and short exposures to commodities, currency pairs and mainstream equity indices.

The impact of currency hedging your ETF

May 2nd, 2018 | By
The impact of currency hedging your ETF

To hedge, or not to hedge, that is the question faced by portfolio managers with global investment mandates. While institutional investors may have the luxury of delegating this question to a dedicated fx overlay manager, for others it has the potential to cause sleepless nights. One thing is for sure, the performance differences between being hedged or unhedged can be stark, as demonstrated by the returns of Euro Stoxx 50 equity ETFs over the past month.

Aberdeen Standard acquires ETF Securities’ US operations

Apr 30th, 2018 | By
Aberdeen Standard acquires ETF Securities’ US operations

Aberdeen Standard Investments has acquired the US operations of ETF Securities. The deal sees Aberdeen Standard take charge of a $2.8bn suite of commodity ETPs while also providing the firm with the platform and expertise to launch their own strategies within the ETF wrapper. Chris Demetriou, CEO-Americas at Aberdeen Standard Investments, said, “The expansion of our capabilities into the ETF space shows our commitment to providing the largest range of solutions to our clients in the US.”

WisdomTree: Implications of a return to king dollar policy

Apr 5th, 2018 | By
Christopher Gannatti, associate director of research, WisdomTree.

By Christopher Gannatti, associate director of research, WisdomTree.

One of the most important macro stories of the last 15-months has been the dramatic decline in the US dollar. This has helped spur international equity indexes that package foreign currency returns on top of the equity investments.

ETF issuers comment on UK inflation data

Mar 20th, 2018 | By
Consumer Price Index CPI Inflation

Inflation in the UK fell more than expected during February, according to latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), providing some relief for hard-pressed consumers. Representatives from ETF issuers offered their take on what the results mean for UK monetary policy.

Will you miss the commodity comeback?

Mar 8th, 2018 | By
Florian Ginez, research analyst at WisdomTree in Europe

By Florian Ginez, research analyst at WisdomTree in Europe.

Do commodities have a place in a portfolio? This is an interesting question in today’s environment. Those of us who have read various finance text books including sections on the benefits of things like “asset allocation” and “diversification” would, almost without thinking, say “yes.” But if we look at the reality of what market participants have experienced in the past five years, we then recognize that, behaviourally, what has been practiced may look quite different.

ETF issuers comment on Italian election results

Mar 6th, 2018 | By
Populist movements in Italy signal a return of political risk in Europe

The results of elections in Italy could signal a return to uncertainty for the European Union as Italian voters favoured two anti-establishment parties, the Five Star Movement (M5S) and the Northern League, in a outcome that failed to provide any party with the majority needed to govern. ETF issuers ETF Securities, WisdomTree and SPDR ETFs, offered their take on the election results.

HANetf sees exciting opportunities for active managers in ETF space

Mar 1st, 2018 | By
MiFID II takes away US’ edge in ETFs

HANetf, a European white-label ETF platform, has urged active managers to prepare themselves for the rise of passives by launching their own low-cost products. Hector McNeil, co-CEO of HANetf, said, “It is a game-changing opportunity, allowing them [active managers] to distribute products in a different way and access new asset bases, particularly Millennials and cost-sensitive investors.”