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EURO STOXX 50 turns 20 as ETF-linked assets top $40bn

Mar 8th, 2018 | By
Over $40bn in Euro STOXX 50 ETFs as blue-chip index turns 20

Zurich-based index provider STOXX has celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the launch of the bellwether EURO STOXX 50 Index. The index, which preceded the introduction of the euro by 10 months, is considered the de factor performance benchmark for blue-chip euro zone stocks. It is also one of the most widely tracked indices, with around $40 billion in ETF assets referenced to it.

Invesco to move to one global brand

Feb 16th, 2018 | By
Marty Flanagan, President and CEO of Invesco

Invesco has announced that it is moving to a unified global brand. The company will now be referred to as Invesco everywhere it does business with the brands affected by the change being Perpetual, Trimark and Invesco’s ETF business PowerShares. Marty Flanagan, president and CEO of Invesco, said, “Although we are moving to a unified brand, we will preserve the time-tested and distinctive investment perspectives, processes and approaches of our many investment teams across the globe.”

Bitcoin no substitute for gold, says World Gold Council

Jan 25th, 2018 | By

“Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies more generally, are not a substitute for gold”, concludes the World Gold Council in its latest investment update. While the assertion might not come as a huge surprise, the organisation makes some valid points.

PIMCO: Economic growth masks eurozone’s underlying fragility

Jan 19th, 2018 | By
Nicola Mai, portfolio manager, sovereign credit analyst at PIMCO.

By Nicola Mai, portfolio manager, sovereign credit analyst at PIMCO.
While things look good over the cyclical horizon, investors shouldn’t be complacent about the long-term outlook, as the region is still far from resolving its existential challenges.

Vanguard cross-lists Euro Stoxx 50 ETF to SIX Swiss Exchange

Jan 16th, 2018 | By
Vanguard cross-lists Euro Stoxx 50 ETF to SIX

Vanguard has cross-listed the Vanguard Euro Stoxx 50 UCITS ETF (VX5E SW) on SIX Swiss Exchange, offering another access point for investors seeking exposure to mega-cap blue-chip stocks in the eurozone. The ETF, which is based on the widely followed Euro Stoxx 50 index, is already available on the London Stock Exchange and on Deutsche Börse.

Deutsche launches USD short-duration high-yield bond ETF

Jan 15th, 2018 | By
Deutsche launches US short duration high yield bond ETF

Deutsche Asset Management has expanded its range of US-listed ETFs with the launch of the Xtrackers Short Duration High Yield Bond ETF (SHYL US), targeting short-term, US dollar-denominated corporate debt with credit ratings below investment grade.

Lyxor cross-lists Euro Stoxx Banks ETF on Deutsche Börse

Jan 11th, 2018 | By
Lyxor cross-lists Euro Stoxx Banks ETF on Deutsche Börse

Lyxor has cross-listed the Lyxor Euro Stoxx Banks UCITS ETF (LYBK FP) on Deutsche Börse’s Xetra and Frankfurt exchanges, offering investors targeted equity exposure to the euro area’s largest banks. The ETF is based on the Euro Stoxx Banks Index, a sub-index of the Euro Stoxx Index, and currently tracks 26 companies from eight euro area countries.

Invesco cross-lists Source Europe mid-cap ETF to Borsa Italiana

Dec 1st, 2017 | By
Amundi cross-lists five ETFs to Borsa Italiana

Invesco PowerShares has cross-listed the Source Stoxx Europe Mid 200 UCITS ETF (SDJMID IM) on Borsa Italiana. The fund tracks a representation of mid-cap companies in Europe.

Barclays launches smart beta fixed income indices

Nov 30th, 2017 | By
Barclays launches smart beta fixed income indices

Barclays has launched the Barclays Rates Factor Indices, a suite of indices designed to capture risk premia (including carry, value, and momentum factors), from interest rate markets.

US financials lead S&P 500 to record highs

Nov 29th, 2017 | By
US Financials ETFs lead S&P 500 to record highs

US financial stocks have helped push the S&P 500 Index to fresh highs this week. ETFs tracking the sector, such as the iShares S&P 500 Financials Sector UCITS ETF (IUFS LN), are up approximately 4.8% this week as the S&P 500 put on 0.9% to hit a record close of 2627.04 on 28 November.