Readership Survey

We are conducting a survey to help us better understand our audience, tailor our content, and to address advertisers' needs. The survey is formed of seven questions (all but one multiple choice) and takes about 60 seconds to complete. We would really appreciate your participation in this survey.
1) What is your job title / function? (Please choose best fit)

2) Please tell us the name of your company? (Type N/A if HNWI or private investor)
3) Please tell us your firm's approximate assets under management? (Personal assets if HNWI or private investor)

4) Approximately what percentage of your portfolio or assets under advisement is currently invested in ETFs/ETPs?

5) Do you envisage increasing your allocation to ETFs/ETPs?

6) Please tell us your location? (Please choose best fit)

7) Does your company operate on a local, national or international level?