Delta One enhances SOLA index and ETF data platform

May 14th, 2012 | By | Category: ETF and Index News

Delta One Data, a provider of ETF and index data, has announced the launch of two new reference data modules for its SOLA index and ETF aggregation platform.

Delta One enhances SOLA index and ETF data platform

The two new SOLA modules enable cross-referencing of all ETPs and integrated global exchange trading-hours calendar.

SOLA, which debuted in beta-testing phase in March this year, enables the integration of ETF and index data with the customer’s local environment and third-party data providers so that appropriate data sources for required trades can be selected. The platform allows the trading basket to be defined either by a notional amount or a share size, and allows for accurate pricing of a trader-defined basket.

The two new modules, which are being rolled out to current clients and will go live during May, consist of a collation and cross reference of all exchange-traded products across European and Asian markets and a module of global exchange holidays, settlement dates and trading hours combined  into a single database.

This means that traders can search across a range of identifiers to find ETFs which fit their requirements and the benchmark index. Required trading information such as inception date, total expense ratio (TER) and performance can also be defined.

Combined with the view of global exchange trading hours and settlement days also integrated into the platform, this automatically allows for times when exchanges are closed, eliminating failed trades, unnecessary administrative expenses and extra interest payments.

Bernie Thurston, Head of Delta One Data said: “This is the next stage in the evolution of SOLA. As well as enabling complex structuring tasks, it simplifies previously complicated operations and only looks at actual trading hours no matter the exchange or geography. The reference data module provides additional high-value functionality required by delta one desks and positions SOLA as the leader in the market.”


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